Top Hat Brings Course Content to the Palm of Your Hand

It’s common knowledge that college in the U.S. today is expensive. Of the many expenses involved in a college degree, textbooks only add to the cost by hundreds of dollars a year. And with the rise of smartphones and other devices in the classroom, students aren’t even learning as efficiently or as comprehensively as they could or should be from those textbooks.

Mike Silagadze — the co-founder and CEO of Top Hat — and his team are addressing these issues that plague higher education by creating software that turns smartphones into a solution, rather than a distraction.

Top Hat creates software that entices students to learn actively through their smartphones both in and out of the classroom. It’s available at over 750 colleges and universities in North America, and even a handful of schools overseas.

The company recently launched a marketplace within their app that helps professors publish their work, share it with other teachers and with students, and collaborate on future projects, said a June 14 press release from the company.

“The marketplace finally puts educators — the people at the forefront of learning — in charge of their course materials,” said Silagadze in a statement.

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