5 Tips To Follow While Purchasing Cheap Textbooks Online

Buying textbooks for school is becoming increasingly costlier, and many students are finding it difficult to afford them. Although there are cheap stores and used book stores that offer affordable rates, the cost can get lower only until a point. There is a really better and cost-effective alternative in online purchases. When you buy cheap textbooks online, you can get the maximum value for your money and not have to spend a lot. Here are 5 important tips to use while looking for low-cost text books online.

Use ISBN no while searching

Ever since 1970, every book which has been published in India comes with a unique ISBN number. The International Standard Book Number might look like a meaningless string of numbers but can be useful for searching about the actual worth of books online. Rather than searching by title or author name, you can use ISBN number of the book to make your searches more effective. You can make your searches quicker and more accurate.

Compare prices

Using comparison shopping engines is a great way to check the prices for similar books at various stores. You can compare rates from a number of sellers, and choose the one that offers the most affordable rates. Alongside, you should also check the reputation of the store. Do not make a hasty purchase decision and part with your money with a store with no online presence and reviews or feedbacks from other consumers.

Go for free shipping

While shopping about, you need to look for sellers who ship books for free. An increasing number of sellers offer free shipping to consumers in order to woo them. Although it might not seem to be much, it can mean an extra discount of 5 – 10% on the books that you buy. The cost of textbooks along with shipping charge can push costs up, and while the actual price might be small the shipping fees can be higher. When you are looking for discount school books, free shipping can make your purchases more affordable.

Check feedbacks from buyers

Before you actually order from a seller, you should try to find sellers with good feedbacks and ratings. This will help you to get an excellent shopping experience and avail good discounts, nice packaging, better quality and overall excellent services. Online reviews and feedbacks from consumers are important to check, in order to find quality sellers. Most online buyers refrain from making purchases unless they check reviews out.

Look for a bigger catalog

With stores having a bigger catalog, you can hope to find all your books in one place. When you are trying to make NCERT textbooks online purchase, it is often possible that you will not find quite a few titles in the store that you are buying from. You will be forced to buy from different stores, and your discounts will get lower. When you buy from a single store, you can get the opportunity to get a bigger discount on your total purchase amount and make a really affordable buy.

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