The Pain of Textbooks

The start of the semester leaves students with huge holes in their wallets. Textbooks are one of our greatest assets as students, but also our greatest grievances.

Textbooks can cost an arm and a leg, but we make the sacrifice anyway because the professor says, “Buy the book, it is in the syllabus.”

We are often told that textbooks are necessary towards our success in the class, however every now and then this is not true and we barely use the textbooks in the class.

 This is where textbooks become a royal pain.

As good students, we are eager to succeed so we go ahead and buy the book, only to find out later that it really wasn’t necessary.

The professor often uses only a few chapters of the book or less, and with the handouts, powerpoint explanations and discussions, the textbook becomes disposable.

The textbook becomes a source that is only brought up for reference if further clarification is needed.

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