A.S. Senate Passes Resolution to Make Textbooks More Affordable

This past week, A.S. Senate approved a campus-wide resolution to make textbooks more affordable for students. This comes after CalPIRG, the national student-run organization spearheading the campaign behind the resolution, presented findings on the increasing education costs students are faced with that may adversely affect their ability to obtain college degrees. The policy focus of the campaign is to institute grant-funded, open educational resource programs on college campuses and to ban single-use access codes.

With potential funding from the library, ongoing petitions, and the possibility of A.S. Council and CalPIRG representatives placing the campaign on the A.S. Senate meeting agenda in the foreseeable future, students remain committed to the battle against the financial challenges that accompany pursuing a higher education.

Resolutions passed by student government serve primarily as documentation that may later be referenced when lobbying campus officials. This resolution was no different. A.S. Council and CalPIRG activists mutually voiced the procedural affirmation as a path toward increasing student access to less costly alternatives when obtaining course materials.

The 2016 “Covering the Cost” report conducted by CalPIRG, which analyzed data taken from the Bureau of Labor Statistics since 2006, indicate that the price of textbooks and supplies has risen four times that of inflation, spurring an increase by 88 percent. In contrast, college tuition and fees went up by 63 percent during the same period.

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